Getting Hacked Will Cost You More Than Just Your Website

When a hacker gets access to your site you are in big trouble and we are not just talking about the pain of having to restore your site and retrieve all the data.

Hackers will install malicious software and use your site as a host for to spread viruses, spam and other illegal activities known as forming a botnet.

This can damage your reputation with clients and customers not to mention the cost and time of having to get your site cleaned and restored.

Google are also likely to delist your site and mark it as potentially unsafe to visitors!

So Why Do Hackers Love Wordpress?

In Feb 2017, Google revealed that over a million wordpress pages are actively hacked or defaced with poor plugins and brute force attacks being the main attack methods.

Forbes magazine recently reported that 30,000 websites get hacked daily!

Remember the recent ransomware attack on Microsoft Windows computers that went global within hours?

That was due to hackers exploiting a small weakness in Windows that alowed them access. Well guess what - Wordpress has a weak spot too and the hackers know it!

Whats The Wordpress Weakness And How Do I Stop It?

Well with Wordpress the weakness is your login page!

It's like a back door to your website and while it lets you into the admin area it is also a massive exposed weak spot for hackers!

Hackers target your login page using complicated software to literally bombard it with thousands of random passwords (or bots) until either your server crashes or they gain access! 

You need to lock this back door! 

Most Security Plugins Are Over Complicated 

Wordpress itself is a great platform, but it's simply not secure without some help.

There are plugins out there, some even free, but most are way too complicated, asking you to configure loads of different settings for things you don't really need.

This leaves you feeling frustrated, confused, and often unprotected!

What you need is a simple one click solution that can be installed in seconds and doesnt require a computer degree! 

Introducing WP SUMO

You Need A Simple One Click Solution


WP SUMO adds a vital missing layer of protection to your wordpress website by adding an extra page in front of your login page

This page requires manual human information to be input eliminating automated software attacks.

Kind of like adding a force field to your site!

It requires no special computer skills to install and set up is instant!

Despite it's simplicicty, WP SUMO has been proven to be extremely effective.

WP SUMO Installs In Seconds And Is Super Simple To Use

1 -  Upload the plugin 

WPSumo installs just like any other wordpress plugin. Upload to your wordpress site using the standard installer.

2 - Activate the plugin

Click Activate

3 - There is no step 3

You are protected!

WPSUMO is the Simple One Click Solution

You Have Two Options - Personal Use and Multi Site 

Use on a single site that you own 

Use on multiple sites that you own 

WP Sumo Security Plugin (Personal use)
WP Sumo Security Plugin (Unlimted Sites)

Try our risk free 30 day guarantee, if you are not entirely happy or feel that our product does not do what we said it would then contact us for a full refund 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Does WPSUMO work on current versions of wordpress?

A. Absolutlely, this has been tested on versions up to and including the latest 4.8 

Q. Does WPSUMO require any settings to be changed on my site to make it work?

A. No

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?

A. Yes we offer a 30 day money back gurantee, if you are not happy with the product for any reason 

Q. Does WPSUMO work with other plugins and themes?

A. Yes it has proved to be compatable with all the plugins and themes we have tested

Q. Can I install this on more than one website?

A. Yes providing you purchase the unlimited site license.

Q. Will I recieve future updates to the plugin?

A. Yes you will be kept informed of all future updates

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