When I first installed WPSumo, I was curious as to why it was called a framework as opposed to just another wordpress theme. I found out the answer as soon as I clicked the install button. WP Sumo is more than just a theme, it's a full blown application that packs a ridiculously full feature set.

As a WordPress user myself, I'm used to having to tweak the php code once my theme is installed to get everything to look the way I want. With WPSumo, you can change everything that you can think of with a nice graphical interface. No source code modification required!

The best part of WPSumo I would have to say is the Blog Audit feature which allows you to view your productivity as a means to keep you motivated with your blog. It is features like Blog Audit and many others that make WPSumo truly shine. High recommended for bloggers of all skill levels!

Steven Aitchison cytguides.com

When you sent the review copy of your new WP-Sumo framework over I was expecting something basic and quite simplistic, but you've packed everything into this, it's bloody amazing. Honestly, you've thought of everything with this framework.

I love the fact that you have a blog audit in this framework, and it's not even a separate add on, this is comparable to 'Scribe' which I am paying a monthly fee for. Everybody is going to totally love you for this alone. I also totally love that you have a 'mobile' section for making the site mobile compatible - just genius! And a built in ads section is something pretty special as well, means I can get rid of the plugins I have. The Cufon fonts made me laugh as I have been looking for a way to change fonts easily in my present setup. I cannot fault this at all Dragos.

I was pretty impressed with Thesis when I first bought it, and even more impressed with 'Genesis', but your WP-Sumo is going to blow them out of the water buddy. Once the child themes are set up and some templates ready, I will be using this for my new design at my site, which I have big plans for.

You've honestly hit a winner Dragos, and I wish you all the very best, no wonder I haven't seen you on the net for months, you've obviously been working like a trojan to get this framework ready.

Sid Savara sidsavara.com

WP Sumo is a full featured framework for the problogger and developer.

WP Sumo excels in many areas, from SEO to ads - but my favorite is the cutting edge Blog Audit feature. At a glance you can immediately see how individuals authors are doing: their posting frequency, how many reactions they have in the blogosphere and even how much discussion posts cause on the blog based on comments.

I installed WP Sumo on my blog, and in 10 seconds could clearly see which categories and blog posts elicited the best reaction.

For the individual blogger, it provides an invaluable at-a-glance view so you can plan the long term direction of your blogging. For the professional blog editor and chief writer, it provides a broad overview where you can manage your team - and effectively plan the direction and growth of your blogging brand.

Blog Audit changes the game - as a blogging professional, it finally lets you can't easily track what's working and what isn't, so you know exactly what you need to do more of.

Catalin Zorzini inspiredm.com

Hands down the most straight-forward, powerful and SEO juicy WordPress framework for bloggers.


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Why Use WPSumo Framework ?

  • Reason #1
    All the cool kids are using it!
  • Reason #2
    You get an integrated mobile theme for free!
  • Reason #3
    You can build visual rich websites with our shortcodes collection, without writing a single line of code!
  • Reason #4
    It's easy to deploy and maintain. Lifetime updates and support.
  • Reason #5
    You want to blog, not to endlessly fiddle with your blog theme.
  • Reason #6
    You can style almost any visual element with our powerful style editor.
  • Reason #7
    You can set up a powerful portfolio section in minutes.
  • Reason #8
    You can create stunning animations with our Featured Area functionality.
  • Reason #9
    You get a fine piece of work, actively maintained and constantly improved.
  • Reason #10
    You're gonna look cool to your buddies when you're gonna said you will.
  • Reason #11
    You get to write more and better by using our Blog Audit functionality.
  • Reason #12
    You can export ALL the settings from your blog and import them in another instance of WPSumo.
  • Reason #13
    You can forget about social media plugins. We got them all covered: Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon. Even Google +1
  • Reason #14
    Because we support Standard Comments, Facebook Comments or both.
  • Reason #15
    Because you can create an individual layout (columns and sections) for each and every page or post of your blog.
  • Reason #16
    Because you get powerful SEO options out of the box.
  • Reason #17
    Because your momma told you to always hang out with the nice guys. We're nice guys.
  • Reason #18
    Because you get more than 150 different web fonts.
  • Reason #19
    Because you're getting more than 50 hooks and extensions if you want to get hardcore.
  • Reason #20
    Because you can create different layouts INSIDE the same post or page.
  • Reason #21
    You can setup your homepage to be a page, a blog post, custom content, whatever.
  • Reason #22
    You can customize even the 404 page. Seriously, we have an admin option just for that.
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