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Account Management

How Can I Upgrade To The Developer License?

If you bought the Standard License and you want to upgrade, we will simply refund you the price paid for the Standard License once you've paid for the Developer License.

How Do I Pay For The Specific Package I Chose?

The payment gateway we use is PayPal. Once you selected your subscription package (Standard License or Developer License) you will be redirected to the PayPal website. After your transaction is approved, you will find your purchase under the "Purchase" tab in your account area.

What Account Types Do You Offer?

There are three levels of subscription offered: Membership (free), Standard License ($89 lifetime subscription), and Developer License ($129 lifetime subscription). The Standard License allows you to use the framework on only one domain. The Developer License allows you to use the framework on unlimited domains. Both paid subscriptions are coming with lifetime updates.
Framework And Child Theme

Does WPSumo Work With WPMU?

Yes, it does work with WPMU. If you do find a glitch here, just contact us.

Do I Need The Framework In Order To Use A Chid Theme?

Yes. Our child themes are designed to work with the main WPSumo framework.

Can I Use The Framework Without Child Themes?

Yes. As a matter of fact, due to the high level of customization we packaged inside we can create a brand new look for your website just by using the integrated Style Editor.
General Questions

What Theme Uses?

We use our own framework, enhanced with a custom child theme. So what you see was obtained with the same functionality we're making available through our subscription plans.

What Is A Child Theme?

Often used in conjunction with a framework, a child theme is a visual layer on top of a WordPress framework. It deals with all the visual details of your site, from colors and layout to pages and posts templates.

What Is A Wordpress Framework?

A WordPress framework is a software which enhances a standard WordPress installation with a significant number of features. It sits on top of WordPress and it is based on its architecture.

What Is Wordpress?

Wordpress is a very popular self-publishing platform, used by millions worldwide to create powerful websites. It's versatile enough to power anything from a personal blog up to an enterprise website.

Why Use WPSumo Framework ?

  • Reason #1
    All the cool kids are using it!
  • Reason #2
    You get an integrated mobile theme for free!
  • Reason #3
    You can build visual rich websites with our shortcodes collection, without writing a single line of code!
  • Reason #4
    It's easy to deploy and maintain. Lifetime updates and support.
  • Reason #5
    You want to blog, not to endlessly fiddle with your blog theme.
  • Reason #6
    You can style almost any visual element with our powerful style editor.
  • Reason #7
    You can set up a powerful portfolio section in minutes.
  • Reason #8
    You can create stunning animations with our Featured Area functionality.
  • Reason #9
    You get a fine piece of work, actively maintained and constantly improved.
  • Reason #10
    You're gonna look cool to your buddies when you're gonna said you will.
  • Reason #11
    You get to write more and better by using our Blog Audit functionality.
  • Reason #12
    You can export ALL the settings from your blog and import them in another instance of WPSumo.
  • Reason #13
    You can forget about social media plugins. We got them all covered: Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon. Even Google +1
  • Reason #14
    Because we support Standard Comments, Facebook Comments or both.
  • Reason #15
    Because you can create an individual layout (columns and sections) for each and every page or post of your blog.
  • Reason #16
    Because you get powerful SEO options out of the box.
  • Reason #17
    Because your momma told you to always hang out with the nice guys. We're nice guys.
  • Reason #18
    Because you get more than 150 different web fonts.
  • Reason #19
    Because you're getting more than 50 hooks and extensions if you want to get hardcore.
  • Reason #20
    Because you can create different layouts INSIDE the same post or page.
  • Reason #21
    You can setup your homepage to be a page, a blog post, custom content, whatever.
  • Reason #22
    You can customize even the 404 page. Seriously, we have an admin option just for that.
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Standard License
  • Automatic updates
  • Remove footer credit
  • Use on multiple domains
  • Extended Standard support
Developer License
  • Automatic updates
  • Remove footer credit
  • Use on multiple domains
  • Extended support
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