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WPSumo April Promo Code: Get 50% Off For Recurring Too!

WPSumo April Promo Code: Get 50% Off For Recurring Too!
Apr 1, 2013 | Blog | Comments

Nope, it’s not April Fool’s day. Or, well, it is, but we’re not up to any pranks here. Not when it comes to our beloved WPSumo Framework. So, we’re gonna keep this [...]

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WPSumo March Coupons

WPSumo March Coupons
Mar 1, 2013 | Blog | Comments

I admit we’re very happy here at WPSumo, to even say “coupons”. Because, until now, we only had a single coupon, for the main framework. But, as you may know, we recently [...]

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WPSumo 1.1.8 Available – Minor Release

WPSumo 1.1.8 Available – Minor Release
Feb 16, 2013 | Blog | Comments

Hi folks, it’s time for our regular monthly release of the WPSumo framework. This time it’s just a minor one, containing mostly bug fixes and various corrections of the copy. Thanks to [...]

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The Mobile App Theme – A Premium WPSumo Child Theme

The Mobile App Theme – A Premium WPSumo Child Theme
Feb 5, 2013 | Blog | Comments

The Mobile App Theme is finally here. In case you didn’t know, this is the first premium child theme of the WPSumo ecosystem. We still have around 20 themes in the work [...]

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Solving the “Cheating Uh?” WordPress Bug – WPSumo 1.1.7 Available

Jan 7, 2013 | Blog | Comments

The infamous “Cheating, Uh?” WordPress bug (ok, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature disguised in a bug, but it’s still annoying) has given a fair share of headaches to theme developers [...]

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August Promo Code: SUMOFIGHTS

Aug 1, 2012 | Blog | Comments

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve been waiting for it. Yes, it’s our monthly promo code session. As always, the code will be valid for the entire month. Let’s keep it [...]

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    It's easy to deploy and maintain. Lifetime updates and support.
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    You want to blog, not to endlessly fiddle with your blog theme.
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    You can style almost any visual element with our powerful style editor.
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    You can set up a powerful portfolio section in minutes.
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    You can create stunning animations with our Featured Area functionality.
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    You're gonna look cool to your buddies when you're gonna said you will.
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    Because we support Standard Comments, Facebook Comments or both.
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    Because you're getting more than 50 hooks and extensions if you want to get hardcore.
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    Because you can create different layouts INSIDE the same post or page.
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    You can customize even the 404 page. Seriously, we have an admin option just for that.
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